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    The men of Fort Worth are invited to access this site and request for a beard transplant quotation. It is a complimentary service from our clinic that we are happy to send out.

    Interested clients are not obligated to undergo treatment with us. The main purpose of providing a free quotation is to inform them about the potential cost of our treatments and how low it is in comparison with other establishments. You are guaranteed that it is one of the more affordable ones you will find in Fort Worth. Some like to put off their treatment until their schedule frees them up to do so. That is perfectly fine. You may just set aside your quotation for later use.


    A great number of men would like to make their patchy-looking beard appear thicker. Growing it out will only look right if it appears balanced. Those finding difficulty accomplishing this need only visit our Fort Worth clinic for a procedure. It is the quickest and surest way to achieve a robust beard. Patients are able to get results on the same day of their treatment. Recovering from the surgery is almost as fast, requiring only a day to heal.

    The process involves the follicular unit extraction method. A client’s hair upon his head or body is selected for the facial enhancement. These healthy hair follicles are extracted and directly implanted unto the patient’s face. Using hair at the back or sides of the head is usually preferred. This is because the area where it was taken out is easier to conceal through the use of existing strands of hair.