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    Would you like to know more about how affordable it is to get a beard transplant? This webpage can assist you to get a free quotation for our services.

    Our El Paso clinic is sure to provide one of the lowest rates in the city. We are able to complete our facial enhancements at a high standard despite our reasonable prices. The free estimate of our services does not come with an obligation. You are absolutely at liberty to choose to have your procedure done with us or with another establishment. This quotation may even be used to measure how our prices compare with competitors. We are certain that ours will be among the lowest available. You may also set it aside should you decide to do it for some other day.


    We guarantee that having your procedure done at our El Paso clinic will be an easy experience. Your beard transplant can be completed in a matter of a few hours. That is all you need to have a full beard. Even the recovery period is considerably short. Most clients only need about twenty-four hours to heal.

    The process requires extracting healthy hair follicles from the sides or back of the head and directly implanting them unto the facial area. A patient may choose to harvest the required hair from other parts of his body though the head is always preferred. This is because it is simpler to hide the extraction areas with the hair that surrounds it.

    Contact us today to get your free estimate. We are confident that our services can provide the outcome you expect and more.