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    Demand for beard transplants has never been so high. Interest in sporting facial hair has come largely from Hollywood celebrities who have adopted the look with gusto in recent years, and it is a trend that every man can emulate if they want to. The issue is that not all men have a particularly full beard. That’s where we can help.

    Utilizing our follicular unit extraction technique, we can give you a denser beard in just one sitting, and fill in those sparse patches too. If you want a more manly beard, send us a message and we’ll reply with more information.

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    You might not realize it yet, but a lot of men in Denver have had a beard transplant at some point. Beards may be fashionable now, but the manly look is completely timeless and many yearn for the ability to grow a full beard. If nature didn’t bless you with a full set of facial hair by default, you can still achieve the look you always wanted quickly, safely and at a price much lower than you might think.

    Please be aware that all quotations are provided without obligation. We believe in enabling you to make your own decision, in your own time, therefore do not expect any coersion or sales tactics from any member of our team.