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    Would you like to have a more masculine looking beard? If you reside in the Colorado Springs area, this webpage may be of assistance to you. Contact us to get a free quotation for our services.

    Receiving an estimate for our rates does not oblige you to have your beard transplant with us. You may use it to compare our prices with other service providers in Colorado Springs. We can assure you however that our fees are among the most affordable in the area. We add value to these reasonable costs by providing high quality treatments as well. Those who require more time to contemplate our services are welcome to save the quotation for a later date. They may simply put it away and use it when they do decide to visit the clinic.


    An uneven beard will certainly have less of an impact when compared to a uniform looking one. A man with thicker facial hair simply is more masculine in appearance. Our clinic can provide this for you in less than a day. Clients just need to allow themselves to recover for a minimum of twenty-four hours before they resume their regular schedule.

    We are able to successfully create a full beard through the use of the follicular unit extraction method. This process harvests healthy hair follicles from a pre-selected portion of the patient’s head or body and transplants them unto the patchy areas of his facial hair. Taking it from the sides or back of the head is the usual practice because it is easier to camouflage the extraction area.

    Inquire for a quotation of our services to get started on your way toward getting a facial hair enhancement.