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    It is, without a doubt, that the bristling beard is back – and it’s wildly seeking its savage revenge. Now is the time to wave goodbye to razor rash and then dive in and say hello to the ultimate bushy beard! Yet what do you do if your facial follicles are just a paltry fragment of fluff? How are you going to achieve that firm fashion statement – the beard – and make it look as it should?

    Perhaps the solution that you should be considering is some facial follicle renovation. People are now, more than ever before, taking the ever viable road of beard transplants. With the evolution of the medical industry in Cleveland, never before, has this process been easier. It’s a fast and effective process whereby single hair follicles will be taken from zones where your hair is clearly at it’s thickest. Thereafter, it’s placed onto the recipient site which will result in that naturally growing beard you’ve been after. It’s affordable and becoming much less unusual… and the ladies will love it.

    So jump in feet first, book that first appointment, speak to your medical professional and dare to dream of the ultimate male grooming sensation. The beard is back and it’s a firm fashion fixture!