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    Fed up of nothing but some paltry, baby-faced fluff? Looking to bring on the beard but it’s nothing short of a disastrous blunder that looks like a botch up? There is nothing worse than attempting, for months, to grow a beard and it not happening as you’d like it to. You’ve served the time, and now, the pennies dropped. You’ve discovered what you’d always suspected. You were born to rock the clean shaven look. Which means that your beard is not going to grow into anything but a paltry, patchy and disastrous mess! Now, the million dollar question is going to be, what you can do about rectifying the situation? Easy! Get yourself a beard transplant consultation at our Cincinnati clinic.

    Thankfully, medical science, over time, has evolved. Gone are the days of painful plugs and long drawn out procedures. It’s a simple case of getting your transplant practitioner to pluck the hairs from the back of your scalp, where it’s thickest, and then transplant the follicles into their new home. Simple! Facial follicles at their very finest are waiting for you. It’s affordable, easy, quick and effective.

    And before you know it, you’ll be sporting your very own naturally growing beard that will be the envy of your friends and drive the ladies wild with desire!