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    Would you like to have a more masculine looking appearance? Having a more hirsute image is the answer. Contact us through this webpage to receive a free estimate.

    Past clients can attest to the fact that our prices are one of the most affordable in Baltimore. Even if you compare it with other clinics in the city, it will definitely be among the lowest. More importantly, there is no reduction in the quality of the final outcome. Our beard transplants is guaranteed to be the best that is available in the area. We understand however if you would like to take more time before visiting us. Some patients like to wait so they may choose to keep their quotation for another day. You are not obliged to use it immediately.

    Getting the best

    Men can have a hard time growing a uniform looking beard, especially if they are not genetically predisposed to having one. Actually, it might even be impossible. Using other methods can be hit or miss. They can lead to messy or even short-lived results. With a beard hair transplant, the men of Baltimore can be sure of getting a thick beard within a matter of a few hours. Further, they only need a day to recuperate from the procedure.

    How is this possible?

    The use of the follicular extraction method has long been employed by those seeking to increase the hair on the scalp. This same process can now be successfully recreated for facial hair enhancements. The patient just needs to decide which donor hair will be used. This can come from his head or body. Once this is done, it is only a matter of harvesting these healthy hair follicles and implanting them unto the patchy areas of his beard.