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    Do you wish your beard was…. better? Do you have patches or weak areas that just don’t look right? Want to follow the latest fashion trend but don’t think you can pull it off with the facial hair you have naturally? Don’t worry, there is now an easy solution.

    A beard transplant is the only way to achieve a stronger, denser, more masculine beard, and more men than ever before in Austin are using this quick and straightforward procedure to get the look they really want. A range of services is available including transplantation into the beard, as well as scalp hair restoration using beard hair. When completed by an experienced FUE surgeon, the results are simply outstanding.

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    Although beard transplantation is relatively new, this technique has actually been tried and tested for more than 20 years. Based on follicular unit extraction (FUE), the same highly effective process used to transplant head hair, rest assured that your surgeon offers a wealth of experience and that procedures like these are considered routine in the modern era.

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