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    There’s no doubt about it, facial hair is a firm fashion fixture that is destined to remain for quite a while! Beards are masculine, they’re sexy, and to boot women go crazy for them. It’s a clear, bold statement and it knows no limits.

    Yet beards arrive in a myriad of forms, from something that’s wild to bring out that inner animal in you, through to the manicured look for those that prefer suited and booted. So what happens when you haven’t got the elements that are required for that desired bushy perfection?

    What is the solution now that the bristling beard is back? Moreover than ever before, people in Arlington are opting for a beard transplant and with the evolution of medical science, the process has never been simpler. Extracting single hair follicles from the rear of your head, where the hair is thickest, it is then rehomed in your facial beard area enabling you to benefit from that naturally growing beard. Fast and efficient, popular and affordable.

    Your baby face will become a thing of the past and you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Dive in and book that appointment – the beard is back… and razor rash is definitely off those catwalks!