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    You’ve put away the razor and you’ve waited. You envy your friends who are all trying out the trend and you want to be in on it. They told you all to be patient, told you that it will come. But you had your doubts and now, a good few months in and your fears have been realised. That beard just isn’t going to grow. You were always a little baby faced. Fuzz was never your thing.

    So what is the answer to the conundrum? Is it ever going to grow into that masculine and awesome, rugged, bushy beard that you’re after? Well… sorry guys, probably not – which makes the resounding answer to your painful question easy. Get a beard transplant! Beard transplants are simple and they’re quick, efficient and affordable. And additionally, they’ve evolved concerning methods and medical science.

    The process is simple – your medical professional in Anaheim will take groups of up to four hairs from where your hair grows at its thickest. Then will rehome them! The result – a fabulous, awesome, shaggy, bushy beard that will make you look handsome and masculine and give you some terrific confidence to boot. What are you waiting for – make the appointment and shut the door on beard envy, forever!