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    Do you think your beard needs to have a more uniform look? Is it lacking in volume or thickness? Look no further. You may use this webpage to request for a quotation, free of charge.

    There is no fine print that you have to look out for. We only want to inform you about the potential costs that are necessary to complete this treatment. Past clients have been encouraged to compare our rates with other clinics of similar quality. Rest assured, it is one of the more affordable ones in Albuquerque. You may even choose to postpone your procedure for a later date. Simply keep your quotation and bring it out when you have decided to schedule your beard transplant with us. Those who are already convinced of the quality and reasonableness of our prices can of course drop by as soon they wish.


    Having a patchy looking beard is certainly not fun. No matter how hard you try, it will always look uneven in some areas. The full effect of a robust looking beard is simply unattainable. This can be easily solved after having received treatment from our Albuquerque clinic. Our patients only have to spend less than a day having their beard transplant done. They just need to extend their hiatus from their regular activities a day longer in order for them to recover.

    There is no need to use creams or other forms of treatment. Our use of the follicular unit extraction method ensures that your beard is able to provide the desired coverage on your face. Such precision is achieved by harvesting hair follicles from the head or body of the patient. These are then grafted over the sparse areas of the beard, completing the process.