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    Our beard transplant clinic in Newcastle is staffed by some of the UK’s finest hair transplant surgeons. If you’re considering a facial hair transplant, there is no better place to have your procedure.

    There are many benefits to procedures like these. Thin or weak patches of beard are remedied and the entire beard can be re-shaped to provide you with the look you always wanted. If you wish you had better facial hair and a more stylish appearance, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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    Follicular unit extraction has been used to combat baldness for years. This same technique is now being employed to reduce sparseness or a patchy looking beard. It effectively grows hair by transplanting healthy hair follicles unto the exposed areas of the face.

    Our experienced surgeons can easily complete this procedure in less than a day. You will not feel any discomfort that would prevent you from going to work the following morning. Every client can expect a more masculine looking appearance after receiving a treatment from our facility.