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    Following rising demand for high quality beard transplant procedures, we introduced our fourth UK location, based in Exeter in the South West. Our Exeter location proudly continues our tradition of offering only the very best procedures for men in the pursuit of a better beard.

    It is easy to see why beard transplants have become so popular. Many desire to emulate the styles employed by the biggest names in Hollywood, from Brad Pitt to Ben Affleck, or sports heroes such as LeBron James and Brian Wilson, but are unable to grow a beard they are satisfied with. Issues like patchiness, low density and poor definition can all be solved with a simple beard transplant procedure.

    You can start learning how to get the same look as these celebrities:

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    Movie star looks do not have to come at a steep price. Our services are provided at competitive rates, guaranteed. Every quotation is well thought out and custom made according to what each prospective client requires. Find out how you can have a full beard by contacting our Exeter clinic today.