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    Regarded by many as the best place in South Yorkshire to live, work and raise a family, the city of Doncaster also offers a number of options for those looking for a beard transplant. Our facility is the best choice in terms of the experience we offer, and the excellent results we achieve for our clients.

    A beard transplant enables the patient to enjoy greater density, more thickness and a more masculine appearance. Beards are not only a fashion statement, but a symbol of manhood and make men appear more physically attractive. For the beard you always wanted, we can help.

    For a great beard transplant simply follow these steps:

    1. Get your free estimate from our team by completing our short form
    2. If you choose to proceed, your physician will contact you to discuss the details of your procedure
    3. Your surgery will be booked at a day and time to suit you

    There are many beard transplant clinics in Brazil, however it is important to ensure you only use a qualified, certified and regulated clinic for the very best results.

    The actual process is very straightforward. Follicular unit extraction has been used for many years, and is the gold standard for beard transplantation in the UK. There is simply no better way to get the perfect result you’ve been dreaming of.