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    Serving clients primarily from Avon and the West Country, our Bristol beard transplant clinic is ideally located in Temple Quay in the heart of the city. Easily accessible by road, rail or air, thanks to excellent local, national and international transport links, our Bristol office is an extremely popular choice for those looking into the possibilities offered by facial hair transplantation.

    If you wish you had a fuller beard, or want to correct any patchiness for a more groomed look, we can help make that a reality. If you want to use your beard hair to thicken your head hair, we can do that too. Simply fill in the form and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements.

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    Obtaining a quotation is the first small step in this process. Of course you need to ensure that the procedure is affordable, so this is usually the first port of call.

    Following your quotation, the next step is to discuss your requirements in more detail. This is best done face to face, although these consultations are often completed by phone or even via email, depending on what is most convenient. Your consultation is important because it is your opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the process, and also for your physician to understand what you hope to achieve, and compare this to what they believe is realistically possible in your case.