Sometimes, things happen that is beyond the control of anyone. It is not the fault of the person but is merely what nature intended. Being born with certain traits that stand out might cause unwanted attention. People cannot help their curiosity from being involuntarily aroused by the unfamiliar. While the cursory glance is acceptable, to indulgently stare is quite another story. A person who is seen as different might have a difficult time accepting what makes them remarkable. It is an involuntary test of character that is sure to have them being stronger for it in the end.

Beards on women can be considered as an uncommon feature on the fairer sex. This is not something that is not expected to grow on the feminine face. Men are the ones who often appear with noticeable facial hair. They are able to grow it as they age, often commanding the admiration and respect of other men. Yet, there are some that find it difficult to have a full beard. Their limited ability to do so is not due to any reason other than their genetics. Which is why seeing a beard on a woman can make it an exceptional sight for any man. It can incite their interest and probably provoke a tinge of envy.

This occurrence is due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a health condition that causes hormonal imbalance in women and make it hard to get pregnant. The lack of treatment might cause other ailments to arise such as heart disease or diabetes. PCOS causes small cysts to grow on their ovaries. It is not harmful but it results in uncontrollable side effects. The ovaries normally release trace amounts of androgen or male hormones in the system. With PCOS, this quantity is no longer regulated and more is discharged. It leads to adverse reactions such as acne, weight fluctuations, irregular menstrual cycles, thinning of scalp hair and regrettably, abnormal growth of hair on the face and body. This causes what was once wispy, inconspicuous hair to turn thick and dark.

Facial hair is not something that those with PCOS welcome and understandably so. In a society that has set different standards of what feminine beauty looks like, those having beards does not fall under any known archetype. It is something that is far from the feminine norm and supposedly falls under the exclusive realm of masculinity. Those with PCOS have tried to get rid of the unwanted hair through electrolysis, waxing and plucking but to no avail. Using laser removal procedure can be effective but it is nothing permanent. The undesirable hair strands will be sure to return in a matter of a few weeks. Constant treatment can prove expensive and a hirsute woman will be left with the most cost effective method she can find, shaving. This could be perhaps the best solution for abnormal facial growth, especially when it has the tendency to grow stubble in a matter of two days or so.

Not all women actually try to get rid of their beards. There are those who have come to accept the type of world they live in and grow them out. Some even find partners who are quite understanding of their situation. This is the kind of support they need as they are going through some trying times. It would seem improbable to find people that would not judge them for their appearance, even more so to have a companion that would look beyond their facial hair. Fortunately, it does happen. It is indeed a bit bizarre to see a woman with a beard. After understanding their plight and what causes it however, this apparent oddity somehow seems to be less of a spectacle and more about the person.

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