There are many pop celebrities who have seen their star fade as quickly as it has risen. They are what have been called, one-hit wonders. Fame can be a delicate thing. There are different attributes that hang precariously in the balance required to generate continued success. Whether it is manufactured or genuine, a celebrity’s popularity can easily disappear once it can no longer sustain the flitting demands of the public. The attention and patronage of the fans can always find another star to worship and adore. This has long been the case in the music industry and something that will continue as other artists establish their own following.

One star that has definitely shot to fame is Justin Bieber. He was barely a teenager back in 2008 when a talent manager discovered him on YouTube. This earned a visit with the young man to ask his mother if he can go to Atlanta to record some demo tapes. After some reluctance, she finally agreed and the rest is history. Bieber went on to be mentored by Usher and pretty soon a string of hits followed. Songs like “One Time”, “Favorite Girl” and “Baby” will forever be ingrained in the hearts and minds of teenage girls all over the world. They are sure to remember the lyrics to these anthems well into their adult lives.

It should be noted that Justin himself still had some growing up to do while all of this was happening around him. He started out as a fresh-faced and wide-eyed teenager. Everyone adored how innocent and sweet he was. After about seven years in the business, his physical appearance started to change. He naturally got taller and his voice started to deepen. The Biebs also got some piercings as well as had a number of tattoos done all over his body. While this might have not come across well among his many fans, others have learned to appreciate it. With over sixty-two million Twitter followers and counting, any opinion about their favorite pop idol will certainly be varied. Not the same may be said about his infamous moustache however.

“Beliebers” were almost unanimous in trouncing the mischievous looking muff. It did not represent what they thought was suitable for the famous performer. Demands to shave it off were seen all over his Twitter account. He even had to reply one time saying, “I’ll shave it, calm down.” This is only proof of how facial hair can affect scores of people. It exists, despite being an entirely personal choice on the part of the one wearing it. The public outrage may have already died down, only because Bieber did eventually take it off. It would still be fun however to recall the things this moustache did while it was around.

The antagonizing collection of hair first revealed itself in late 2013. It was not until early in 2014 however that it began to gain traction as an Internet offender. From that time, it has partied with top models and gone on boat trips. It has also been productive by working out, creating music and doing photo shoots. Bieber did shave it in the middle of that year only to grow back it again. Not everyone thought it was all that bad however. It flew on private jets, met with Karl Lagerfeld, kept up with the Kardasians and even had a nice dinner with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Its fate however was ultimately sealed when Justin decided to return to his boyish image at the end of 2014. He even let everyone know how he felt about it with this parting shot, “Shaved the monster.” One-hit wonder or a star that never was, Justin Bieber’s moustache has certainly gained enough notoriety to achieve its own celebrity status.

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