Having a beard these days can be considered as trendy. In previous decades, facial hair was not really in the fashion scene. It was more in the background of everyday life. Having a beard, especially a long one seemed to be reserved for rural areas. There was of course the occasional goatee or even some French style beards. These men however made up the exception compared to the many who have chosen a clean-shaven image. The latter still outnumber bearded men but having facial hair is undeniably on the rise. Being hirsute is not only more socially acceptable. Men who have it are even viewed as having a hip sense of style.

Growing facial hair requires a good amount of commitment and patience. Those who set out to do it must prepare themselves to feel some discomfort during this period. They might also hear some opinions that are adverse to their decision to have a beard. Getting through those first ten to twenty days of itchiness might be easier than listening to the views of other people about their ongoing pursuit. Comical as it may sound, a man must remain steadfast in his resolution to appear more masculine. There is simply no way around it but to brave through thirty to sixty days of letting his beard grow.

Putting away the razor is not the only strategy that a man can use. Eating right and engaging in a healthy lifestyle is another method to make it grow faster. Hair just like nails is an outer manifestation of a man’s health. It is among the last parts of the body that receive nutrients. This is because it has to take care of other more important bodily functions first. If a person is properly nourished, does regular exercise and gets enough rest then he is most likely to have a healthy body. This will provide excess vitamins and minerals to create longer, more vibrant hair and nails

Being mentally prepared and having good habits can definitely help make facial hair grow faster. There is however a limitation to how thick a beard may grow which is dictated mainly by a man’s genetics. While he might be able to have whatever length he desires, it might be difficult for him to achieve the density that a certain look requires. Those who grow uneven or patchy looking beards might want to use supplements such as biotin to provide some additional assistance. This would make it difficult to cause hair to appear in the areas where it is needed. The use of other methods such as follicular unit extraction may be helpful to aid in getting facial hair on the exact areas they want covered.

This type of hair transplant surgery has been quite effective when used on a balding scalp. The same method is now utilized on sections of the face that requires increased hair growth. It basically takes healthy hair follicles from certain parts of the body and implants them upon the recipient areas. What makes it so interesting is that any man can now have the type of beard he wants without being limited by his genetics. He only has to recover before he can try growing his facial hair faster through eating the right foods and living a stress-free lifestyle.
Having a full beard is not the end goal of the process. This requires good grooming as well to make it appear truly fashionable. Cleanliness never goes out of style and washing facial hair regularly can guarantee that it remains presentable. Outlining the borders of the beard is also another necessity. Rounding out the corners and determining where the neckline will start is key to stylish-looking facial hair.

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