Opinion is varied on how facial hair looks like on a man. Some women find it attractive while others think that it is untidy. Most people however think that beards make a man look more respectable. This has been the viewpoint of either sex throughout the generations. They associate having a beard with a person of power and stature. It makes a man appear more masculine and in command. This is because age usually brings about the presence of more facial hair. It is a simple matter of genetics. Men as they mature and gain experience, usually take on more responsibility. They are also genetically predisposed to grow more hair on their face at the same time, hence the association.

There is no question that men with beards are viewed as having more gravitas than those without. They appear more masculine and aggressive. Having a beard seems to create a dignified aura around a man. The thing is, this might not automatically translate to being better looking. While it is true that a good amount of facial hair can command respect from either sex, women view this same trait with a slight amount of disdain. It is not however due to the emotional character of the man that they feel this way. It is due to the physical inconvenience that they would suffer because of it.

Beards are naturally prickly when they are growing. This is because of the ends having been shaved off by the razor. They are often hard and a bit spiky. Any man who would go in for a kiss would definitely cause his stubble to scrape along a woman’s skin. This would cause most women to complain about the unpleasant sensation. Beard rash can potentially result, leaving obvious red marks on her face.

A full beard is a different matter altogether. This can turn out to become softer after it has grown out. Brushing it from time to time and applying beard oil can help make it more manageable. Note that it should also be washed regularly. Dirt and excess oil can easily build up in lengthy facial hair. This can become unhygienic pretty fast if it is not kept in check. Any specks or dandruff can decrease the aesthetic effect of having a beard. Women generally like how it looks on a man. They just do not want to deal with dirty facial hair.

Girls like beards on men. What they are avoiding is the prickliness they feel as it is growing. They also want make sure the beard that is touching their face is clean. When the beard is soft as well as hygienic, it is mostly viewed as handsome and masculine. The impression of maturity that is attached to it makes a man more appealing. Not all styles however are regarded as attractive for women. Chin strap beards in particular, are often seen as juvenile and a bit out of place. This is more for teenagers who are trying to experiment with the hair on their faces. It is not really suited for men who have a better sense of their personal style.

Though it could be easy to grow beards for some men even while they are young, there are others who find it quite challenging. Those who require some assistance can turn to follicular unit extraction or FUE. This method is popularly used for scalp hair transplant surgery though it is also applicable for the face. It extracts hair follicles from the back of the head and implants them in areas where the density is sparse. Using this procedure can definitely increase the thickness of any beard. Remember that women do appreciate the masculinity that it represents. They only hope that they do not have to go through any pain or odors in the process.

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