Being able to alter styles from time to time can rejuvenate the spirit. Even a clean-cut appearance can tend to become old after a while. Changing it up every so often can help refresh anyone’s self-image. It could be as simple as adjusting a manner of dressing or even trying out a new hairstyle. Any modification no matter how slight can help bring in new energy. There really are many ways to do this. One of the most obvious however is to grow some facial hair.

One of the things that make a man stand out is a beard. There is just something about having impressive looking fuzz on the face. It demands to be noticed and appreciated. This also helps the bearer appear more dignified, depending on the style of beard of course. There are some styles that convey an air of confidence. It usually appears natural looking, never forced. Others however could make a man look amusing, eliciting a slight chuckle or two from the casual observer. These are the types that look too bizarre for some reason. It could either be the lack of proportions or some kind of detectible uneasiness to wear it from the bearer himself.

A man that would definitely not be guilty of lacking in style is John Hamm. He starred as the lead character Don Draper in the hit television series Mad Men. It is a show that has spanned seven seasons, winning multiple times at the Emmys and Golden Globes. John has become a familiar face, reminiscent of an era when men wore stylish suits and sexism was still at its height. The 1960’s were very much a man’s world and Draper was at the very center of it. Hamm’s character participated in everything that was thought to be socially acceptable as an adult male at the time. Times have changed these days however and equality among the sexes has steadily been on the rise. John might soon cease from portraying Don Draper as well though he will still look as dapper whether on the Mad Men set or in real life.

Count on Hamm to continue appearing as masculine as ever. He has never disappointed his fans in this aspect. Take his decision to attend the 2013 Emmys with a full beard for example. Ordinarily, this would appear scruffy and most likely unkempt on any other man. John however was able to make it look suave and well groomed. It was trimmed just right and every hair looked in place. Dyeing it black was even unnecessary. The salt and pepper beard he had on only seemed to add more depth and character to his overall appearance. It looked great even while wearing a white jacket with a black bowtie.

Observing the beard up close would reveal that it was in fact styled to perfection. Keeping his facial hair classy was the only agenda for his stylist. He first established a good neckline, which seemed to have started from his Adam’s apple and shaving any stubble below. This made it look neat and uniform at the bottom. The corners of this beard were also rounded to make it have a more natural looking effect. Any sharp edges however should always be avoided. It would make any beard appear forced and somewhat juvenile. Errant hairs were also meticulously trimmed off and certain hair products were used to keep everything in line. Research would indicate that a tiny amount of hair spray was applied to ensure that the bristles flowed evenly from Hamm’s face. This might seem too much attention for facial hair but such is the world of Hollywood where perfection is an established norm and not merely something to aspire to. John Hamm’s beard might have been considered to be exactly just that.

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