Although the cost of a beard transplant should not be the deciding factor when choosing a clinic or surgeon, clearly it affects the affordability of this option and is therefore an important consideration.

As with all beard FUE procedures (and all FUE surgery in general), the cost ultimately comes down to two things – the skill of your surgeon, the number of grafts and the complexity of your requirements. A highly skilled FUE surgeon transplanting a large number of grafts, taking hair from a non-standard part of your body will always cost more.

However, beard transplant techniques have come a long way since they were first conceived, and are no longer considered non-standard. Furthermore the number of grafts is usually relatively small (beard hair is less dense than head hair), which also helps to keep costs low. The only non-negotiable aspect is the skill of your surgeon, as choosing a sub-par individual to perform your procedure is simply not a feasible option. Thankfully here at, we’ve got that covered.

We use only the very best surgeons, so although you won’t find better prices anywhere from a comparable clinic, exemplary quality standards are always maintained. The cost of your beard transplant does not therefore need to be prohibitive. If you feel that a quality beard hair transplant is the solution you want, and you have access to modest funds, this option is accessible to you through our team.

The following video shows a typical beard transplant result, the day after the clients procedure.

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